Yes, we accept demos.
However, we are only planning 3 releases this year and these are
by bands already signed to Distort The Scene.

Even though we are not planning to release demos received at present
we will listen to any demos received.
To submit your music to us, send a Link to an mp3 for downloading or a link to a Website where your Songs are Streaming such as Spotify
Do not send MP3s to us by email unless requested to do so.
Send promo CDs to the address on our Contact Page

We try and respond to anybody that submits music to us, but sometimes this isn’t possible.

We will try and listen to anything that we receive.

We are a small independent label and our resources are limited.

We cannot return any music sent to us.

However, we are ultimately music fans, and listen to lots and lots of new music and we may link to and highlight any new music we hear that we like.

About DTS